This is travel photography -- of places I've never been; secret places.

I've not been to Paris, but I know what the Eiffel tower looks like. I've seen it from multiple angles, and I've seen it at night. What I haven't seen is the laundry room of the apartment complex a mile from the center of town -- and that's really what I'm interested in -- the quiet, unknown moments that make up our lives.

I asked twenty-three people scattered around the U.S. to wear their cameras everywhere and over the next 48 hours I sent eleven text messages at random intervals asking everyone to take a photo of whatever was in front of them at that moment.

We worked together like bees -- each doing our little bit, apart from the others, but producing something greater and, ultimately, understood by none of us individually.

This is what it looks like in the hive....

                                                     -- Kyle Cassidy - Philadelphia - 2009